• Various Frequency Range Option
  • Low Noise Figure
  • Broadband Performance
  • Excellent Unit-to-Unit Repeatability
  • Unconditionally Stable
  • Sealed Module

Princeton Microwave Technology’s UHF series of amplifiers provide reliable service for the land mobile and public safety industries. Our models are designed to be fully modular and space efficient with a full complement of Remote Status and Fault Monitoring capabilities. The C5 design includes VWSR and thermal protection.

Model Number: PmT- NSN – Start End Frequency –MHz

Model Frequency Datasheet
PmT-NSN-60 MHz 60 MHz Datasheet
PmT-NSN-150-450 MHz 150 – 450 MHz Datasheet
PmT-NSN-225-400 MHz 225 – 400 MHz Datasheet
PmT-NSN-300-600 MHz 300 – 600 MHz Datasheet
PmT-NSN-5-500 MHz 5 – 500 MHz Datasheet