• Small Size
  • Excellent Phase Noise
  • Low Cost
  • Crystal Frequency Stability
  • Phase Locked Resonator Oscillator
  • SMT Fabrication
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Packaged Active Devices

Princeton Microwave Technology provides customers with the highest quality product, with leading surface mount technology. PmT products are integrated into communications networks digital microwave radios, and both commercial and military radar, surveillance receivers and test equipment. The phase locked oscillators utilize ceramic coaxial resonator and ceramic dielectric resonator fundamental frequency sources with low phase noise performance. The design of the Phase Locked Oscillators is based on sampling phase detector technology, which provides the comparison frequency at the same frequency as the fundamental frequency output. This method provides the best phase noise performance for any analog phase locked oscillator. Oscillators are available with highly stable external reference frequency oscillator or with internal reference oscillator. For sampling phase locked oscillators the reference frequency is a direct multiple of the output frequency. The phase noise within the loop bandwidth is the degraded phase noise of the reference source.


Model Freq Range Ref Reference Frequency Data sheet
PmT-3210-Freq (GHz) 0.3 – 24 GHz External 50 MHz/100 MHz1 3210.pdf
PmT-3220-Freq (GHz) 0.3 – 24 GHz Internal 50 MHz/100 MHz1 3220.pdf
PmT-3230-Freq (GHz) 0.3 – 24 GHz External2 5 MHz /10 MHz2 3230.pdf
PmT-3310-Freq (GHz) 24 – 48 GHz External 50 MHz/100 MHz1 3310.pdf
PmT-3320-Freq (GHz) 24 – 48 GHz Internal 50 MHz/100 MHz1
PmT-3330-Freq(GHz) 24 – 48 GHz External2 5 MHz/10 MHz2 3330.pdf
1. Reference has to an integer multiplier of output frequency
2. 1st loop reference frequency locked to second loop frequency.