PmT offers Custom Solution for your problems, weather its specific part for new or old equipment. If you device is not supported, contact us. We will support you to find the device required which will always be better than original. PmT works for 100% satisfaction, and we leave no room for complaints with our state of the art technology and highly educated staff.

Here is some examples of custom solution for different companies (ranging from the US Military to Mercedes Benz to small business in France.)

  • Power Supply (for specific equipment or use)
  • Custom Amplifier (with specific housing size, gain, power input and etc)
  • Custom Oscillator (you can customized every square millimeter)
  • Synthesizers
  • KA Band equipments
  • Up converter
  • MMIC

And many MORE!!

Contact us and we will work with you to find a solution. Remember, If someone can build it, we can do it better.