• Sealed Module
  • Excellent Unit-to-Unit Repeatability
  • Low Conversion Loss
  • Low Noise figure
  • -50ºC to 100ºC Standard
  • RoHS Compliant

PmT manufactures state of the art couplers, we are so confident in our coupler that we give 1 year full warrant at no cost to you(see warranty info). The couplers we offer range from various frequencies and different packaging. If you need 1 inch by 1 inch, we make those; what ever specifications and conditions you need our coupler to work as, we will put our best in the world technicians to work and deliver it to you.

Model Frequency Datasheet
PmT-CB-48N 950-2000 MHz Datasheet
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* Please note, NOT all of our models are or can be displayed on website. Contact us for customized specs tailored to your need.